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A full service industrial recycling and waste company.

 Among plastics other materials recycled include cardboard, office paper, newspaper, pallets, and metal. With a fleet of 9 tractors and over 150 trailers, compactors and roll off containers we will find the best solution to your recycling and waste disposal needs.

Let a Concord Plastics, Inc. representative design a recycling program that meets the special needs of your company.
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  • Decrease your cost / increase your revenue
  • Help boost your reputation with customers, government, and others in your industry
  • Reduce or completely eliminate the cost of waste disposal
  • Provided revenue from the recycled material


Recycling Services

  • Trailers can be spotted at your facility for mixed materials, such as baled cardboard, stretch film, strapping and office paper. Gaylord boxes can be provided for loose materials and loaded onto the spotted trailer.
  • Concord Plastics can service your facility quickly, swapping your loaded trailers with empty trailers within 24 hours of notice. Keeping your floor clean and aisles empty.
  • All trailers can be mixed loads of recyclables. By accepting mixed loads, we can prevent facilities from having to stock pile waste materials on production floor or disposing recyclables into a dumpster.

Roll-Off Service

  • Concord Plastics can provide containers for scrap wood, scrap metal, scrap paper, cardboard or any other recyclable material.
  • Compactors or containers can be provided for general waste and all other non-recyclables. Pull fees and landfill fees will apply.

Destruction Service

  • Off-site destruction service for confidential office waste as well as obsolete or off spec products is offered free of charge to customers.
  • Concord Plastics will supply you with a certificate of destruction upon completion.

Toll Grinding Service

  • Concord Plastics can toll grind your plastic and return it to your facility.
  • Material can be packaged in supersacks or gaylords with new liners.
Materials Recycled

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