Put the lamb in a large roasting pan and rub the marinade all over it, using your hands to massage the meat. Once the lamb … Opinions are my own, and I, A beautiful dish for Easter, Roasted Spring Lamb with Potatoes & White Wine - good every time! https://www.theguardian.com/.../2018/jun/09/yotam-ottolenghi-lamb-recipes That is why our only change from tradition is a few pomegranate seeds on the sprouts. Ottolenghi and Tamimi give their own tahini-rich recipe along with two variations, Musabaha (warm chickpea topping) and Kawarma (fried chopped lamb). Lamb Recipes .. Cut the cucumber into roughly 1.5cm chunks. All rights reserved. After 30 minutes of roasting, add about a cup of boiling water to the pan, and use this liquid to baste the meat every hour or so. Remove the chillies and garlic from the lamb. Choose from classic British dishes or try a host of Persian, Greek, Indian and Moroccan recipes. So, I bought this lovely shoulder of lamb that was hanging up in the window of the butcher’s shop. Lay the remaining potato mixture in a spiral on top of this base layer, with each slice at an angle and overlapping the next. Yotam Ottolenghi's slow-cooked lamb shoulder with mint and cumin. Put the shallots, garlic, oil and a quarter-teaspoon of salt in a 28cm ovenproof saute pan on a medium heat. In a spice grinder or mortar, blitz or grind the cumin, Szechuan pepper and chilli to a coarse powder. You could also try a shoulder chop - not as tender, but I've definitely seen them grilled. Chinkiang vinegar is a rice-based black vinegar that you’ll find in any good Asian supermarket. . Add the rice and turn up the heat to high. From time to time during the latter years of his life — particularly when my mother's health began to deteriorate — my wonderful, I know, I know. Strain, discarding any liquid, then return the cucumber to the bowl with the garlic, lime, vinegar and two-thirds each of the ginger and spring onions. Leave to cool for 10 minutes, then skim off as much fat as possible from the top of the cooking juices. Lamb shoulder recipes. For the most show-stopping of hummus dishes, take the extra time and prepare the Kawarma. Reduce heat to 120C, cover pan … Apr 14, 2014 - Buy delicious freshly made Ottolenghi products, hard to find pantry ingredients and signed books from our online store, delivered worldwide. Nancy December 10, 2017 I defer to you and your mom, who have either/both cooked and eaten this cut. And, if so, do we do it with any of the usual religious symbols, or in a more general, humanistic way? Saved from ottolenghi.co.uk. Image: Louise Hagger/The Guardian. www.cookandpost.com/recipes-yotam-ottolenghi-lamb-tagine.htm A non-traditional Christmas spread of spicy roast lamb, aromatic potato gratin and a tangy cucumber salad, Watch Yotam and Grace Dent’s Christmas dinner video, Sat 8 Dec 2018 09.30 GMT You need a bright, juicy red such as an Aussie shiraz or new world pinot noir with these bold, spicy flavours: Mahana Gravity Pinot Noir 2016 (£11.99 on the mix-six deal at Majestic, 14%) fits the bill perfectly. 5 banana shallots, peeled and cut into 5mm-thick slices2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed2 tbsp olive oilFlaked sea salt and black pepper, 1.4kg slightly waxy potatoes (I used yukon gold), skin on, cut into 5mm-thick slices (use a mandoline, ideally)100g coconut cream, gently melted until liquid 3 limes – zest finely grated, to get 1½ tsp, then juiced, to get 60ml 200ml vegetable stock, For the aromatics150ml olive oil2 red chillies, finely sliced into rings3 garlic cloves, peeled and finely sliced (on a mandoline, ideally)2cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and finely cut into julienne strips 5 spring onions, green ends finely sliced at an angle.