The popularity of pizza in the United States began with the Italian community in New York City, where the Neapolitan pizza had an early influence. Founded around 600 B.C. It was not yet what we would call pizza today but it was very much like modern focaccia… Here are 30 Amazing Facts About Pizza. 19. According to the Guinness Book of Records the pizza was 37.4 meters in diameter and was made using 500 kg of flour, 800 kg of cheese and 900 kg of tomato puree. Although flat breads have been around for 6000 years, the word “pizziare” started appearing in Italian writings as far back as 1000 B.C. In the late 19th century, pizza was sold in the streets in Naples at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had no idea that there was a law in Italy that made it so that only certain types of pizza could be called authentic. On Super Bowl Sunday, 58% of Americans order pizza, which makes it the highest selling day for pizza than any average day in a given calendar year. Pizza Hut started taking online delivery orders back in 1994, and one of the first internet purchases was for a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese. Whether you like New York-style or Chicago deep-dish; thin, thick, or hand-tossed crust; vegan, extra-cheesy, or pineapple and ham—chances are there's a slice of pizza with your name on it. 10. Tomatoes were brought to Europe in the 16th century by explorers returning from Peru. It seems the Etruscans — who lived in modern day Tuscany and Latium between the 9th and 1st centuries BC — were the first people in Europe to enjoy baked, pizza-like flatbreads. The real proliferation of pizzas occurred with the advent of the pizza chain. An average American consumes 46 pizza slices in a single year. If you are approaching us for Sponsored Link or Sponsored Posting, here are a few things you need to keep in mind: — We ADD both no-follow and sponsored tags to links. This led to a June 2007 agreement to purchase Alberta-based Pizza 73. By the 1930s, the pizza business boomed. Pizza trivia: some history • Though pizza became a popular food in the U.S. in 1945, after World War II, it was brought to America by Italian immigrants 50 years earlier. Do you know which ingredients and processing methods are accepted by that law? They used to bake flat and round large breads and topped them with veggies, potatoes, spices and olive oil. She liked it so much that every time she visited her subjects, she ate the bread. Throughout the world, 5 billion pizzas are sold every year and Saturday night is considered to be the most popular night for eating pizza. The idea of them opening a pizza parlor came from a friend. This pizzeria was opened in New York. The first pizzeria appeared in New York City in 1905. Pizza is a staple in most people’s homes. The food that came before pizza was probably focaccia (a flatbread to which toppings were added). The first pizza wasn’t made in Italy or USA. Although it is one of the world’s simplest and most popular foods, pizza is oddly difficult to define. This commercial pizza didn’t have any kind of topping. Before the 1700s, flatbreads existed but were never topped with tomatoes, which is now a defining characteristic of pizza. The Pizza Making Competition There is a competition that Domino’s held every year to see who can make pizza in the least time. The Queen started a tradition known as Pizza Margherita. Centuries of evolution have transformed it from the patties made of mashed grains that were its earliest antecedents into a dish that, though related to those early grain cakes, is almost unrecognizable as their descendant. The word pizza … 6. In America, the pizza industry grosses over $30 billion every year and 17% of U.S. restaurants are actually pizzerias. However, California has the most, with a total of 7,125. • Pizza was being prepared by people of Pompei when the volcano erupted and buried the city. … After cooking, it was seasoned with a variety of different toppings and used instead of plates and utensils to sop up … It is the name for a special type of flatbread, made with special dough. Today we know them as the marinara and the margherita. This pizza … This is a education website. Because it was considered to be peasants’ food, the Queen dining on it was not usual and this created anxiety and dismay in Court Circle. So today, let us take a look at 20 interesting facts about pizza. However, within just a few years, this variant became extremely popular and is today available in gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and bars. 13. Gulf of Naples. The Insane Beginnings of Pizza. Pizza Hut began offering online pizza ordering in 1994. Soon there was scarcely a hamlet without a pizzeria. The risk of esophageal cancer is reduced significantly if pizza is consumed at least once a week. That’s quite an amount which explains why there are 69,000 pizzerias spread all across America. The chef baked a pizza using fresh basil, Mozzarella Cheese and tomatoes. 8. Pizza History - Origin, Invention... Pizza, meal that carries its roots all from the ancient times of 1st millennia BC has managed to infuse itself into modern society of human race as one of the most popular dishes in the world. The history of pizza begins in antiquity, when various ancient cultures produced basic flatbreads with several toppings. Akila McConnell is a freelance travel and food writer who has been touring the world full-time since 2009. Frozen pizzas in no way fall under this category. The cheesy goodness of the best pizza you’ve ever had lingers in your mouth forever. Today this dish is one of the most popular foods on the entire Earth, but that fame and recognition came from the decades of work of many international pizza restaurant franchises which spread … Fun Facts about Pizza: Pizza is iconic! Pizza as we know it today (dough topped with tomatoes and cheese) was invented in Naples. In 1889, King Umberto I and Queen Margherita first visited a newly unified Italy and came through Naples. She has visited 40 countries on five continents. The first pizza wasn’t made in Italy or USA. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our, The 11 Best Restaurants in the U.S. Virgin Islands, 9 Different Types of Pizza in the United States, Detroit-Style Pizza: What You Need to Know, 7 of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Seattle, The 10 Most Delicious Dishes to Eat in Naples, L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele: The Best Pizza in Naples, 10 Pizza Places with Locations in and Around Phoenix, 12 Best Places for Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago, The 8 Best Restaurants on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, Ira Nevin, a returning soldier, invented the Baker's Pride gas-fired pizza oven. Foods similar to the pizza—namely flatbreads and oven-baked bread with various toppings—have been prepared since the Neolithic age. You can find them in almost every region of the world. Wow! It was during WWII that many European and American soldiers tasted pizza during occupation of Italian cities. 12. But the story of how the humble pizza came to enjoy such global dominance reveals much about the history … This was accomplished on … After World War II, U.S. soldiers returned home from Europe, wanting to taste the pizza they had so frequently eaten across seas. Italian-Americans opened up pizzerias across Manhattan, New Jersey, and Boston. Pizza in its most basic form as a seasoned flatbread has a long history in the Mediterranean. Tom later purchased two more pizzerias, he wanted the additional stores to have the same branding but the origina… If you missed our earlier pizza history posts, get caught up on the history of St. Louis-style Pizza and a fun explainer on Salsicca Sausage. This earliest form of pizza was crude bread that was baked beneath the stones of the fire. The origin of the word Pizza is uncertain. The largest pizza ever made was at the Norwood Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket in Johannesburg, South Africa. Flatbreads, naan, and plakountos are all early preparations that could be considered cousins to the modern pizza, but there isn’t a consensus as to which is first and whether these could even be considered precursors to pizza at all. A baker named Raffaele Esposito of Da Pietro Pizzeria (now known as Pizzeria Brandi) invented a pie with red tomato sauce, white mozzarella, and green basil: the colors of the Italian flag. Each of these businesses came into being with the idea that they would sell pizzas to the masses. At this time, soldiers returning from Italy increased demand for the dish. Photo: Salvatore Monetti/Pixabay Fun Fact 1: the Etruscans already enjoyed pizza. We just keep devouring this delicacy day after day but very little do we know about the facts and history hidden behind this mouth-watering food. Around 2.51 million pounds of pepperoni is sold in US every year and about 36% of pizzas sold in US have pepperoni topping. Street vendors in Naples used to sell these breads by the name ‘pizza’. Though pizza was still available in America before WWII when Italian immigrants used to sell the food within its community, returning soldiers actually made it popular in America and the pizza moved out of the quiet Italian community into mainstream American life. In reality, pizza … The pizza enjoyed a second birth as it was taken to the United States in the late 19th century. I think I shall include that on the script for some fun facts! While pizza was originally invented in Naples, returning American soldiers who fought in Italy during WWII were responsible for spreading its popularity throughout the United States. Thin crust pizza is the most popular form of pizza around the globe. A word of warning: You're going to want to order a slice before you get to the end of this article. Pizza Hut opened in 1958, Little Caesar's opened in 1959, Domino's opened in 1960, and Papa John's opened in 1989. © 2020 | Facts Legend | A Unit of Akṣa Ventures. It was just a plain, flat and round bread that was quite tasty and filling and were sold only to the poor because they were cheap. The story of Domino’s Pizza all started with two brothers named James and Tom Monaghan who brought a small Michigan Pizzeria named Dominick’s. - Source 2. My friends are planning to do a food content on their video and I’ve decided to come with the shoot. Legend has it that they had grown bored of a constant diet of French haute cuisine, and the Queen asked for varieties of pizza to try. By using our website, you agree to the cookie and privacy policy of Facts Legend. The pizzeria was initially run by the both of them until Tom decided to sell his share for a second-hand car leaving Tom to manage the business. In 1957, Celentano's began marketing frozen pizzas. But both names indicate a long, rectangular pizza with a length of about 1 meter (3 feet). When tomatoes were brought back to Italy by explorers from the Americas in the 1600s, they were topped on the flat breads, too. George, thank you for pointing out the typo. Pizza probably wasn’t the main dish in your great … From the Greeks to the Egyptians, from the Persians to the Indians, there have been incarnations of pizza served throughout history. Queen Elizabeth II, the lady off that Netflix show, doesn’t like pizza. However, despite its popularity, pizza was still primarily a poor working man's food. 9. Pizza – a name that brings water to everyone’s mouth, be it your kido or his granny or you, is definitely one of the most popular foods in the world. 3. 18th century Italy was the country where the first commercial pizza originated. Until then it was confined to South America. A Brief History of Pizza Pizza or one of its forms has been a basic part of the Mediterranean diet since the Stone Age. In many Roman shops, pizza al taglio is sold by the slice from the oiled rectangular pans in … 30 Solar System Facts Everyone Should Know. As of 2019, there are nearly 77,000 pizzerias in the U.S. Boasting 4,650 stores, Pennsylvania has more pizzerias per capita than any other state. In 1945. Pepperoni: Where Did This Favorite Pizza Topping Come From? 15. [2] In Brazil, pizza toppings include green peas, corn, and hearts of palm. Definitely that was the earliest version of pizza known to have exist in human society. They used to bake flat and round large breads and topped them with veggies, potatoes, spices and olive oil. 14. We have fixed it now. Lie #2: Everyone Likes Pizza! This especially baked pizza became Queen’s favorite pizza and by word of mouth it was spread that pizza is Queen’s favorite food. Several cultures including the Greeks and Phoenicians ate a flatbread made from flour and water. 11. Could you please explain to me how the ancient Greeks topped their “pizzas” with potatoes when the potato was first introduced to the old world in 1589? 7. History. This tradition still continues in Naples and has also become popular worldwide. Its path through history was long and hard, eventually it managed to receive popularity and respect that it … It was cut from a large tray that had been cooked in the baker’s oven and had a simple topping of mushrooms and anchovies. 20. 1-5 Amazing Facts About Pizza 1. I have eaten a lot of pizza in my life and so I wonder how much of it would fit their standards. Frozen pizza was invented in 1957 by Celentano Brothers. A Pizza was Delivered in Space In 2001, … This heavenly mix of ingredients quickly won Queen Margherita's approval. It was ancient Greeks who gave birth to Pizza. This has to be one of the most bizarre facts on the list. Here are ten interesting facts about the history of pizza. The Pizza Hall of Fame calls Lombardi’s Pizzeria in Manhattan, New York, the first pizzeria in the United States. 16. But the modern birthplace of pizza is southwestern Italy's Campania region, home to the city of Naples. Pizza has been a staple of European food and culture for centuries. Toppings are food added to pizza, like pepperoni, cheese or sausage.Foods similar to pizza have been made since the Neolithic Age. Pizza's popularity spread like wildfire, and pizzerias began popping up all over the United States, followed quickly by chain restaurants like Shakey's Pizza and Pizza … A person (who also happens to be the owner of a Domino’s franchise), Superman, Pali Grewal won the title in 2014 with a record of making a pizza in 11 seconds. Most significant is the change in the primary ingredient, from various coarse grains to a solely wheat-based dough, and eventually to a dish made almost exclusively with white flour. Get to know your pizza history The first pizzas were simple, flat breads topped with herbs and olives. He made plenty for princes William and Harry, but Her Majesty simply never fancied one. 4. The word pizza itself is believed to have originated from an “Old Italian” word meaning … In America, deep dish pizza was introduced in Chicago but despite that 61% of pizzas ordered are all thin crust pizza. Pizza Pizza began to expand significantly outside Ontario during the 2000s. Dude. And if you consider pizza one of your favorite meals (if not your absolute favorite), you're not alone: Pizza is one of the most popular dishes across the globe. The marinara was named because it was the traditional food fishermen’s wives (la marinaras) would make for their husbands when they returned from their fishing voyages. The pepperoni origin starts with the practice of curing meats as a way to preserve them without refrigeration and this … The food was invented in Naples about 200 years ago. I had no idea that the most famous kind of pizza around the world is the thin crust pizza. 17. America, England, France and Spain started to know pizza properly after World War II. During the 1950s frozen pizza was available only in grocery stores. Guinness was on hand to document the massive pie! Gennaro Lombardi was the person to open the first pizzeria in America in 1895. The dough would be cooked by placing on a hot stone and then seasoned with herbs. 8. In Italy, a law was passed that specified the ingredients permitted to be used and processing methods that can be used for a pizza to be called authentic traditional Italian pizza in Italy. Pizza soon became available in cafes and grocery stores, but it pretty much remained exclusive to Italian neighborhoods until after World War II. [17] Finland's Pizza Berlusconi is topped with smoked reindeer. Margherita pizza was thus born and remains a staple to this day. 18. Roman pizza comes by many names, but you’ll most often see it called pizza al metro (pizza by the meter) and pizza al taglio (pizza by the cut). PIZZA. Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Frank and Dan Carney in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. Want to learn a thing or two about the savory pie to impress all your friends at your next pizza party? Taking account of all Americans in a single day, it is estimated that 350 slices of pizzas are gobbled up by Americans in every one second. History. The further back we look in time, the more interesting details we can find about that surrounds pizza. Women are more likely to order vegetarian toppings as opposed to men and pizza delivery people report that women give more tips than men. In 1943, Ike Sewell opened Uno's in Chicago, bringing forth Chicago-style pizza. In fact 13 you wrote “think” crust pizza. But let’s not forget the … The history of pizza wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the two most popular types of classic Italian pizza. 45 Strange Penis Facts Will Leave You Shocked! World’s Biggest Pizza The biggest pizza in recorded history was prepared by Dovilio Nardi, Andrea Mannocchi, Marco Nardi, Matteo Nardi and Matteo Giannotte in Rome, Italy, on 13 December 2012. Though Queen Margherita gave her royal blessing to the pizza, pizza did not become well known outside of Naples until the late 1800s, when Italians began migrating to the Americas and carrying their tastes and recipes with them. Pizza is the world’s favourite fast food. This time, they’ll feature pizza and will try to visit a couple of restaurants. Almost 3000 years of food evolution has taken place for the pizza pie to reach its current delicious state today. In fact, it's so versatile and well-loved that it's really no surprise that many countries claim to have created the world's first real pizza. A survey report says that a minimum of 93% of Americans order and eat pizza at least once every month. So, if all the slices consumed in a day by Americans are placed side but side, it would cover 100 acres of land! 5. — We don’t allow post or links that are not related to education. In 2005, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi insulted F Are you ready? In its 2005 initial public offering filings, the chain announced it would consider expansion in western Canada, potentially including purchasing existing local chains. After World War II the pizza industry boomed. 1. There’s lots of history to the slices so let’s dive in and get ten interesting facts about the pies of life. Pizza Hut opened in 1958, Little Caesar's opened in 1959, Domino's opened in 1960, and Papa John's opened in 1989. It had a total surface area of 13,580.28 ft². In 1889, Italian Queen Margherita was once traveling across her kingdom and noticed that peasants were munching on that large piece of bread. • Pizza Margherita was given its name by an Italian tavern owner, Don … Each of these businesses came into being with the idea that they would sell pizzas to the masses. Thank God! Definitely that was the earliest version of pizza known to have exist in human society. It’s thought that the first pizzeria of its kind in the world dates back to the late 19 th Century, in Naples, Italy. … In fact, Pizza Hut reports that they sell around two million pizzas every year, just during the football match alone. In India, the most preferred pizza toppings are tofu, minced mutton and pickled ginger but in America, the most preferred topping is pepperoni. The real proliferation of pizzas occurred with the advent of the pizza chain. The Greeks called this early pizza plankuntos and it was basically used as an edible plate when eating stews or thick broth. Queen Margherita eventually called Chef Rafaelle Esposito and ordered to make some pizzas for her. The colors were carefully selected because they represented the colors of Italian Flag – red, white and green. The stalls soon developed into the pizzeria, an open-air pla… 2. Soon, pizza became the most popular of all frozen meals. 1. 'Hidden History’ is a new series where we reveal untold stories and obscure facts that may surprise you. Engrave the Moon. We use cookies to improve user experience and serve interest-based ads through our advertisement partner. Pizza Hut planned to have their logo engraved on the moon using lasers. 30 Breathtaking Beagle Facts You Didn’t Know! It was ancient Greeks who gave birth to Pizza. She became curious and tasted it. We eat it everywhere – at home, in restaurants, on street corners. They both agreed that the idea could be feasible and successful that’s why they decided to borrow six hundred dollars from their mom to start their pizza business together with their partner Jo… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 30 Purrtastic Persian Cat Facts You Should Know. 3. In 1905, Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in the United States, selling pizza at his street front shop in. Today in America, October is the National Pizza month since 1987. This made her very popular among her subjects. As pizza became more popular, stalls were set up where the dough was shaped as customers ordered. In 2019 alone, Pizza Hut opened 1,000 new locations in China, though Domino's is the highest-earning chain. Pizza Facts and History . Some three billion pizzas are sold each year in the United States alone, an average of 46 slices per person. The history of pizza begins when different ancient cultures produced flatbread with toppings. It was so interesting to go back where the fame and recognition of this famous food Pizza came from. Her former chef, Darren McGrady, recently revealed that in the 15 years he cooked at Buckingham Palace, he never made a pizza for her. Various toppings were invented.