Heart Lake: While we ran out of time for this hike, I hear the views of Mt. Traveling with a dog or cat? We did our groceries as soon as we arrived at Grocery Outlet. You will hear the falls gushing in the distance. If they have a lot of cases, you may want to re-think your trip. I can’t control who my friends are exposed to, and I also had a partner at home (who wasn’t able to join) that I wanted to protect as well. Since we were leaving in the evening, I calculated we would stop for dinner and the restroom once (the car already had a full gas tank so stopping for gas would not be necessary). It’s the summer of July, 2020. I felt this was safe AND responsible so we don’t unknowingly spread it amongst ourselves as well. Less than an hour later, you’ll reach your final stop. This week Road Trips with Tom visits northern California’s iconic mountain – Mt. Mount Shasta. Stop in the Old Jail Museum for a tour of the longest-continuously run jail in California which once held notorious troublemakers like Baby Face Nelson and Ma Spinelli. Tip: I just ended up packing my own leftovers as dinner (I ate at a rest stop) so I didn’t have to actually stop anywhere AND eat greasy fast food 🙂. We found Ray’s Food Place a lot more hygenic, with more variety than Grocery Outlet. Know that you will have to cross some large boulders for a while. Shasta Visitor’s Center assured me it was alright to travel from San Francisco to Mt. Also know that your car’s steering wheel, cup holders, radio buttons, the dashboard and your seats are also known as high-touch areas, so please wipe them regularly with cleaning wipes/sanitizers. McCloud Falls: The McCloud falls consists of three sets of falls. The next question to ask yourself is, are you traveling solo, with family you live with or with friends? Mount Shasta is one of Northern California’s fastest growing new locations for destination vacationing, from luxury resort retreats to wilderness camping. Soaring to 14,179 feet/4,322 meters high, Mt. On the way, don’t miss Lake Shasta Caverns. Mt Shasta was perfect because we were able to socially distance on hikes as there weren’t too many people on the trails. Shasta is a potentially active volcano at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County. America and most of the world is in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. In summer, you can drive all the way up to the end of the road at about 7,900 feet elevation. While one hopes bathrooms are being sanitized often, who really knows? This authentic 1940s diner was shipped all the way from Philadelphia by an enterprising restaurateur. Dee Horse Camp trail: The horse camp trail is about 3.5mile short hike from the parking lot to the Sierra Club stone cabin. When we went, there were still patches of snow on the trail and the fog had set in, making it an extremely cold hike. For the more adventurous, this hike is pretty straightforward with direct views of Mt. Nearly all of the lake's 47 acres (19 ha) are within the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Tip: Wear hiking boots!There is also a warning sign at the entrance of the Black Butte trail asking you to beware of a section where there is a wire holding back a large number of boulders. The outlet of the lake drains into Castle Lake Creek, and then into Lake Siskiyou reservoir, part of the headwaters of the Sacramento River. The Mt. For example, Mt Shasta’s grocery stores didn’t quite have the coconut milk we wanted for our chicken stew one evening. Shasta, what do you see? Toilet paper/toilet covers/soap – Pack a roll + covers + soap for those bathroom stops on your road trip. Lake Siskiyou: Lake Siskiyou has a lovely beach and spectacular views of Mt. Right now I would highly recommend choosing destinations that are not going to be super crowded. If you can’t make it further north, here are a few options for accommodations. Mount Shasta City Park is an urban park located in the city of Mount Shasta, California. Once you decide the destination, make sure you check the website to understand the new rules with regards to Covid-19. So be prepared and bring whatever you think you need to make you feel comfortable and happy while you’re away. Do your friends believe in protecting others and themselves by wearing a mask when needed? We picked up deli meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, trail mix, and liberally used the hand sanitizer once we got back to the car. Explore its natural wonders by hiking, river rafting, boating, mountain biking and camping. An easy weekend trip or even a frantic day trip is doable. Ask your friends if they trust these people they are exposed to? California’s northeasterly corner is filled with unexpected hidden gems, from sustainable breweries to sock-hop-style diners imported from 2,600 miles away. Towel off and continue west to Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico. Tip: Wear hiking boots! Get the reverse directions for a Mount Shasta to Los Angeles drive, or go to the main page to plan a new road trip. Do your research to determine how many confirmed Covid-19 cases there are in the area that you are visiting. I also wanted to take advantage of places I hadn’t visited previously. 3 bottles of hand sanitizer – You need enough for your entire group. The shortest drive to Siskiyou County and Mount Shasta from the San Francisco area is about 4.5-5 hours, depending on traffic. We were the only ones here in the evening. Shasta, IF it isn’t cloudy. In winter, enjoy the 80 inches of annual snowfall, which makes for plenty of powder days. Check Alltrails for difficulty level. We agreed we would shop for groceries online and only step outside for our walks/runs. Tip: Skip summer travel to popular destinations like Yosemite and Tahoe and maybe save them for Fall or even post November instead. Shasta, and the Klamath range in Oregon on a clear day. Do I recommend a short road trip during the pandemic? Here is what you need to know before you decide to take a road trip to during the pandemic. Tip: Since the guidelines are changing rapidly, make sure you call before you visit. As the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe will give you a taste of the natural grandeur to come. After a tour of the estate, belly up for a tasting. In conclusion, I think getting outdoors during the pandemic is critical for mental and physical health. Driving up to Mt. Taking a road trip in early Spring to Mount Shasta and Crater Lake has turned into one of my favorite nearby journeys. Mount Shasta is a volcano that is potentially active and found at the southern end of the Cascade Range in California.. We ended up doing a rocky hike, and my shoes were the least of my concern! For lunch, hop a few decades forward at Jax at the Tracks. I organized my annapurna base camp hike to Nepal with just a random group of people I didn’t really know….and it worked out great (with one exception lol) but overall was a terrific experience. Follow Lake Street east to Everitt Memorial Highway. I love. The questions to ask if you are traveling with friends are: In general, I felt nervous traveling with people I wasn’t living with. I believe when we went to Shasta in June, the campsites weren’t all open. Want to plan the trip back? Explore it all on this road trip from Tahoe City to Mount Shasta. She also mentioned that cops were not ticketing out of county visitors at this time. Lake Shasta Caverns: We left home after breakfast at 08:30 am on saturday. If you want to avoid touching any surfaces, I highly recommend you use your own toilet paper and seat cover. We saw a sign that pointed toward Faery falls and some hot springs (know that this is sulphuric cold springs) and we started walking on a trail toward the falls. Both sets of mountains offer some of the most spectacular views within a mere two hours of each other. In summer months, head to the Mt. Shasta Vortex- Day Tours is a Sightseeing Tour in Mount Shasta. Shasta and McCloud, CA. Hiking boots – I wasn’t summiting Shasta but I wanted good hiking boots for whatever hike I was going to be on, and it paid off! Breathtaking views of Mount Shasta, Mount Shastina, and on very clear days, Mount McLoughlin in Oregon await. Was this page helpful? Shasta was our first stop in California after crossing the border from Oregon. ... What a road trip! Trade crystal-clear waters for evergreen forests as you follow the Truckee River all the way to town. Truckee, a railroad community-turned-skiing hotspot, still retains its Old Western charm. We kept one in the car at all times and one inside the Airbnb we stayed at. The Americana-meets-Cali fare includes chorizo breakfast burritos and southern-fried steak and eggs. Featuring an on-property spa, golf course, and restaurant, Mount Shasta Resort is the perfect spot to enjoy some pampering after a few days on the road. Mount Shasta traffic updates reporting highway and road conditions with real-time interactive map including flow, delays, accidents, construction, closures, traffic jams and congestion, driving conditions, text alerts, gridlock, and live cameras for the Mount Shasta area and Siskiyou county. There are several turnouts to view the surrounding area, trees and hills, in the distance. Located on the I-5 corridor, Mount Shasta and its base-camp of a town are far removed from major west coast cities. If you are hiking or going to be doing any activity that makes you sweat (or runny nose), you will want to wash your mask. It is located about 4 hours north of San Francisco and I had never been there. Shasta adventure begins at the intersection of Highways 89 and 299 heading north to Mt. Shasta, which is about 3.5 hours north of my home in San Francisco. Tip: Per the CDC guidelines, wash for 20 seconds, use a clean disposable paper towel to turn off the faucet, and then wipe your hands dry. Shasta Dam Tours 16349 Shasta Dam Blvd. Haha… But the pics from that area are beautiful. Shasta, and the Klamath range in Oregon on a clear day. Kick off your trip at Lake Tahoe Tahoe City, nestled between Lake Tahoe’s north shoreand the head of the Truckee River, is the perfect jumping off spot for your Shasta Cascade road trip. d_edwards54@comcast.net. Glacier Hiking in Perito Moreno, Argentina, I got lost trying to hike to heart lake bc there was still snow on the ground and the trail wasn’t visible. 4-Day Mount Shasta to Mount Hood Road Trip Itinerary. Try the Sierra Club, NorCal Hikers or Trail Mavens…and facebook has tons of meetups…it’s a great way to meet new people too and just learn more about hiking/backpacking in the comfort of company 🙂 I also seldom find the right company but am determined to do it with groups just so i can get outside too! This Road Trip McCloud Mt. Be the first to get my new destination guides, tips & freebies! Use this map type to plan a road trip and to get driving directions in Shasta County. Mount Shasta Weather in May-September: These months are considered as the best time to visit Mount Shasta owing to temperatures ranging from 28℉ to 97℉. Mt Shasta Rail Road Hike to Mossbrae Falls (off I5) This will eventually be another blog post because of the confusion that surrounds getting here. Natural wonders like glassy lakes, verdant forests, and snow-capped peaks are only part of the fun. Mount Shasta is about 200 miles north of Sacramento. As the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe will give you a taste of the natural grandeur to come. So now that you’ve finally made it to the lovely town of Mt. Shasta. This area is a little cooler as you are surrounded by lot of trees. Getting there via catamaran, switchback bus ride, and vista-filled short hike is half the fun, but the caverns are the real showstopper. Tag #VISITCALIFORNIA on Instagram to have your trip featured on our page. I was quite appalled that no one inside this store was wearing masks. Detailed street map and route planner provided by Google. I ended up having to borrow my friend’s extra layer. In the summer, you can drive to the end of the road, which gets you to about 7,900 feet elevation. Day 4 homeward bound. You might also want to bring your own soap so you can avoid touching the soap dispensers. This is a heavily trafficked trail as it’s quite easy for families as well. Shasta. Explore the 250-million-year-old limestone caves filled with stalagmites, flowstone, and soda straws as you wind your way through tight tunnels and well-lit rooms. By ending your journey at Mount Shasta your hunger for exploring nature and road-tripping is altogether renewed as you are greeted with some truly awe-inspiring sights. Mount Shasta is estimated to have the greatest volume of any stratovolcano within the Cascade Volcanic Arc. You can also compare the travel time if you're flying or driving by calculating the distance from Los Angeles to Mount Shasta. Shasta is a pleasure, in itself (take Everett Memorial Hwy straight up to Bunny Flat which puts you right at the base). Day 2 Crater Lake National Park, Voodoo Donuts. Shasta, CA. Check in before driving toward the mountain itself, which remains an active volcano to this day. Remember, I am coming from San Francisco where they even wipe down the carts inside the stores! Studies have shown being outdoors can help with depression, anxiety, stress, blood pressure and other ailments. Hood. It’s a relatively short article on a tall mountain. Shasta. Camping along the way? There is also a warning sign at the entrance of the Black Butte trail asking you to beware of a section where there is a wire holding back a large number of boulders. Even the cashiers were not wearing masks. I love the, Layers – Mt Shasta can get cold, especially if you are hiking. If you would like to explore it with a hike to the top, take the dirt road off Everitt Memorial Highway which leads to the trailhead. Do you recommend hiking groups if that’s something I want to do, but no one to do it with? Wearing gloves is a smart idea. Snacks/food – Know that you may not get certain spices, vegetables or snacks that you are used to at home, in the grocery stores where you’re headed. Please bring a fleece and rain. Stay for dinner at the Taproom, where wood-fired pizza dough is made from fresh brewer’s yeast, before tucking into your four-poster bed at Hotel James. Expect an average precipitation of 33.88 mm. Get even closer with a side trip. When we did encounter people however, we found ourselves having to step off the path/trail as many folks weren’t wearing masks here. The traffic wasn’t that … Shasta‘s main drag to the beckoning trails, this town is all about the mystical draw of its 14,180-foot-tall mountain. So have you taken any road trips during the pandemic and if yes, was your experience a positive one? You can also calculate the cost to drive from Redding, CA to Mount Shasta, CA based on current local gas prices and an estimate of your car's best gas mileage. Yes, but only if you can commit to wearing a mask, be diligent both while grocery shopping and when hiking around other people. Along the lake’s southern tip, you’ll spot signs for Lake Almanor Kayak. Tahoe City, nestled between Lake Tahoe’s north shore and the head of the Truckee River, is the perfect jumping off spot for your Shasta Cascade road trip. Switch to a Google Earth view for the detailed virtual globe and 3D buildings in many major cities worldwide. Day 3 Multnomah Falls, Hood River Fruit Loops Farms, Trillium Lake, Mt. Coming to the area in autumn, the Black Oak trees, Here's a sample itinerary for a drive from San Jose to Mount Shasta. Say so long to Truckee and veer west on Interstate 80, stopping for a quick splash at Indian Springs, where the south fork of the Yuba River forms natural swimming holes. Mount Shasta: Road trip - See 471 traveler reviews, 377 candid photos, and great deals for Mount Shasta, CA, at Tripadvisor. Shasta, one of the biggest towns and primary destinations in Siskiyou County. Lucky for you, you have a number of options! omg i wanted to go there but ran out of time!!! Should the wire give away, the rocks will come tumbling down the mountain. Most bathroom breaks can be at a gas station, in the wild, or at a restaurant. This is the perfect spot for lunch imho. Shasta. What To See. Are your friends willing to quarantine themselves before a road trip? When not covered by clouds, you can see Shasta behind the stone cabin as you hike through sparse pines. Shasta from Heart Lake are magnificent and the hike isn’t too difficult either. Just remember, if a trail or recreation area looks too crowded, please have a plan B and visit an alternate trail or area. It is one of two parks within the Mt. While that is in the wash, having a second one handy is critical. Absolutely!!! Are your friends exposed to other friends/visitors? After this, you arrive … It’s not every day one walks across a working dam. Covering 50,000 square miles, the massive Shasta Cascade region is one of the most expansive and wildly beautiful areas in the Golden State. I’d originally intended to focus this week’s post on Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon, but a wildfire near Crater Lake has caused road … Today, outdoor lovers—from extreme sports enthusiasts to family vacationers and retirees—are enjoying the vast recreational opportunities the Mount Shasta region has to offer. Before you leave town, make sure to dip your toes in at Commons Beach and take a short trek along the Tahoe Rim Trail, which extends an astonishing 170 miles point-to-point. I felt much more relieved after talking to the lady and decided to put my plan into motion! Gas stations are known as high-touch areas. The next morning, enjoy two hours of wide-open mountain driving along State Route 32. We opted to not try any restaurants, and hence reduce risk of exposure. Tip: If you are not able to get everyone to quarantine before a trip, limit the number of people in your group. Visit places like Mammoth Lakes November onwards. 2 masks – You need at least 1 mask that you can wash. Or get a full Los Angeles to Mount Shasta … Subscribe for more helpful travel tips! Do you trust your friends are being cautious and taking this pandemic seriously? Faery Falls: We nav’d our way to Faery falls and parked in a small dirt parking lot. We were not lucky but we were lucky enough to witness a magnificent sunset over this lake. Both alpine and cross-country skiing runs are available nearby as well as biking or hiking to waterfalls, streams and lakes in the area, including nearby Mossbrae Falls, Lake Siskiyou, Castle Lake and Shasta Lake. Hike Black Butte: I highly recommend planning a few hours (either early morning or late evening) for a hike up the intimidating Black Butte. Typically, this is the time most of us are looking to take our summer vacations, whether domestic or international. Long before craft beer was cool, Sierra Nevada was growing its own hops for pitch-perfect pale ale. Approximately 5.2 miles round trip, the 2000 ft rugged hike to the top is worth it for the 360 degree views of Mt. This National Natural Landmark in Lakehead is a must-see. How to Plan a Road Trip to Mt. 07 Sep 20 Mount Shasta may just be the most underrated destination for a weekend trip out of the Bay. Starting from the North on I5, Mt. View pet-friendly stops between San Jose and Mount Shasta. Alltrails indicates this trail is dangerous due to lack of maintenance. Start at the lower falls, then walk your way along the river up to the middle falls (most impressive) and spend some time here. When deciding where to go for my first road trip, I wanted to minimize the number of restroom stops (reducing risk of exposure). Multnomah Falls You’ll notice the Douglas firs grow increasingly taller as you make your way north to Lake Almanor. I’m not a fan of boulder crossings, as I have to pay attention to my footwork and I find this draining plus nerve wracking. Shasta City Park spans 26 acres and offers a variety of opportunities for recreation such as hiking, picnicing and biking. In any case, the hike down the Mt Shasta Rail Road to Mossbrae Falls (off I5) is amazing. Shasta Wilderness to hike along wildflower-dotted fields with mind-bending vistas. Consider their health status and if your group is high-risk for this virus. View RV campgrounds between San Jose and Mount Shasta. It’s a pretty straight shot north along I-505 and I-5 from San Francisco to Mt. Shasta, Lake Shasta, and the town of Shasta are all in different places and not as close to each other as you might think!) Other Epic Places to shoot around Mt. Stay straight on the trail until you come to a fork that heads left and down. Mt. I hear it’s beautiful and yes the pics are stunning!!! Wear masks and please step aside if you encounter others on the trail not wearing masks. From the crystal shops that line the city of Mt. You are less likely to be driving on Highway 89 since it is pretty out of the way for most road trips, but Highway 97 is the road you would take to get back to Highway 5, if you went to Lava Beds National Monument. Shasta scrapes the turquoise-blue sky, north of Redding, a totem from almost anywhere in the northern part of the state.And while some mountains climb gradually, this one rises from surrounding flatlands with such towering, snow-capped majesty that it seems almost unreal—like a child’s notion of what a mountain should be. So in the end, we agreed we would each quarantine for 14 days before the trip. My trip favorites… Standing under the flow of Hedge Creek Falls. As soon as we got to the Airbnb we made sure we washed our groceries before storing them. Plan your road trip to Shasta Vortex- Day Tours in CA with Roadtrippers. We therefore decided to stay in an Airbnb in Shasta. The ultimate road trip planner to help you discover extraordinary places, book hotels, and share itineraries all from the map. The drive from the town of Mount Shasta in California all the way to the base camp of the 14,179 foot mountain sped up 400% We travel this route frequently to avoid I … Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The gas pumps could be contaminated from frequent use. Yellow Butte: Providing one of the best views of Mount Shasta's northern slopes, this 3-mile hike is … For this reason, please try to time your road trip in the off-peak seasons for those specific destinations. To reach it by highway, exit I-5 on Lake Street at Mount Shasta City, then follow Lake Street east to Everitt Memorial Highway. Day 1 Mount Shasta: McArthur Burney Falls, McCloud Falls, Hedge Creek Falls. The 14-mile drive on Everitt Memorial Highway (A-10) takes you to the highest point you can drive on Mount Shasta. Shasta Lake, CA 96019 (530) 275-1296 www.shastalake.com. Never again. If you're planning a road trip, you might be interested in seeing the total driving distance from Redding, CA to Mount Shasta, CA. Go at your own risk. While it looks difficult, the trail itself is not hard. It is the second highest peak located in the Cascades and also at the fifth number with the elevation of 14,179 feet in the entire state.. If you want to drive closer to the mountain, exit I-5 on Lake Street at Mount Shasta City. Follow that toward the sound of the falls until you get to your destination. There are two highways that go towards Mt Shasta and that provide good viewpoints, Highway 97 and Highway 89. An ideal situation to get around exploring all the points of interest in Mount Shasta. If you're planning a road trip to Mount Shasta, you can research locations to stop along the way. Thanks! It is west of Mount Shasta City and Mount Shasta peak. Shasta. Choose your vessel—standup paddle boards, as well as single and tandem kayaks are available for rent—before enjoying the pristine water and views of snow-capped Lassen Peak. Visitors use the city as a base for trout fishing in the nearby Sacramento, McCloud and Klamath rivers, for climbing at Mount Shasta, Castle Crags or the Trinity Alps, or to view scenery. We found an Airbnb that had the enhanced cleaning protocol and a bedroom for each us. Mount Shasta Road Trip Posted by Suzanne Morin. Shasta Recreation and Parks District and hosts the district's headquarters.Mt. Alternatively, you can also squat over the toilet seat – which is what I do! I decided to travel with two of my single friends who were also itching to get out of their apartment after 4 months of lockdown. Approximately 5.2 miles round trip, the 2000 ft rugged hike to the top is worth it for the 360 degree views of Mt. I spent 2 years living here not knowing of this Nor Cal oasis, so here's to hoping you can get a head start. Continue toward your trip’s North Star, the massive Mount Shasta, which looms like a beacon. Find the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions based on the … Go off the grid in Northern California for an adventure through mountain towns and alpine lakes. Find local businesses and nearby restaurants, see local traffic and road conditions. We cooked all our dinners and made our own sandwiches along with a fruit, granola bar, and some chips for our day trips. The surroundings are lush and the gushing sound of the waterfalls is soothing. (Note that Mt. Given that most countries are not accepting the American passport currently, due to America’s rising cases, I opted for a short road trip to Mt.